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Clinician's Guide to Vestibular Dysfunction and Rehabilitation

This evidence based course which combines both interactive lecture and lab will review the function, normal anatomy and physiology, and common pathologies of the vestibular system.  Course content also includes education for in depth assessment of common vestibular conditions as well as treatment strategies and expected outcomes for these conditions.  At the conclusion of this seminar, attendees will be able to perform a comprehensive evaluation with interpretation and be able to establish an effective treatment program based on their findings.  This course is effective for any therapist working with patients that have balance deficits, difficulty ambulating, and/or dizzy complaints. Although the presentation of material is appropriate for clinicians that have limited experience treating the patient with vestibular loss; it includes some more advanced assessment and treatment material that will appeal to clinicians that have experience with the vestibular population.  This course is appropriate for allied health professionals that are interested in investigating why a patient falls, what causes their dizziness, and how the clinician can make a difference in the patient’s overall function by assessing and treating possible vestibular deficits.  This course is an excellent jumping point to start treating your patient’s more effectively and efficiently with evidence based outcomes.

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